About us

Tulika Takso is the oldest and largest taxi company in Estonia. Our experience, good cars, trustworthy and professional drivers, fixed prices and quick service are the reasons why more and more people use the services of Tulika Takso. The white Tulika taxis take you safely to any destination in Estonia at any time.

The Tulika Takso trade mark was established in 1993. The company started offering taxi service with almost 300 Volgas and 40 RAF vans. By the beginning of 1994, 30 new Opel Omegas had been added to the vehicle park. In 1997, Tulika Takso discontinued using Volga taxis and carried on with 150 white Opel taxis. White Ford Transits were taken into use as mini buses for both renting and taxi service.

Currently, our car park includes 215 white taxis. The most preferred car models are Toyota Avensis and Skoda Superb.

On 1 April 2002, the Maksitakso trade mark was established in addition to the Tulika Takso trade mark. With 8–12 seats, the Maksitakso taxis offer taxi services for bigger companies.