Tulika Card


The TULIKA CARD is a means of payment valid in all Tulika Takso, Tulika Business and Maksitakso taxis. The card includes the name of the company/institution, card number, the expiry date and customer’s name if necessary.

The Tulika Card gives you the right to buy taxi services within the monthly limit specified in the contract. Paying with the card in taxis is similar to using a bank card. In the limit is exceeded, all current services purchased shall be paid for in cash or by other acceptable means of payment.

The customer is responsible for all transactions concluded with the card. The customer is relieved of responsibility of illegal use of the card from the moment Tulika Takso receives a notification of the loss of the card.

The taxi company sends an invoice by the 7th date of the month following the month of buying services. The invoice includes a 10% discount for regular customers. The deadline for payment is 14 calendar days.

A separate report of card travels is added to the overall invoice of monthly travels and it includes individual card travels (date, time, travel fee).

 Contractual terms and conditions of the Tulika Card