Frequently asked questions and answers


Can I Order a taxi with child safety seat?

We have child safety seats suitable for children who weigh 0–18 kg and 18–36 kg. Ordering a taxi with a child safety seat may take extra time since the taxi driver gets the safety seat from our office at 34 Tihase Street.

The taximeter is started when leaving Tihase Street.

Most of the taxis are provided with booster cushions for children. When ordering a taxi, inform the driver of your wish.

Ordering a taxi outside Tallinn

In case a customer orders a taxi to an address outside Tallinn, the taximeter is started at the city limits. This applies only when a customer wishes to drive somewhere else, not back to Tallinn. If the destination is in Tallinn, the taxi driver resets the taximeter and switches it on again when starting the route with the customer.


How can I pay for the taxi service?

All taxis accept cash and most widely-used bank cards.